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The Senate and House have introduced America’s CHILDREN Act to permanently protect the children of long-term visa holders from “aging out” of the system and protect them from self-deportation when they reach age 21.

H.R. 4331 / S. 2753



Documented Dreamers 

Documented Dreamers are young immigrants who have grown up in the United States as child dependents of long-term visa holders without a clear path to citizenship.

These Dreamers were brought here at an average age of 5, and have been living here for an average time of over 12 years. Due to the decades-long green card backlogs affecting some visa holders (H-1B) and others having no pathway to citizenship (E-2), we age out and face self-deportation from the only home we have ever known after losing our dependent status at age 21.
Documented Dreamers have historically been left out of solutions for Dreamers because they do not meet the requirement of being undocumented. America’s CHILDREN Act would permanently solve the aging-out issue that affects Documented Dreamers.

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America's Cultivation of Hope and Inclusion for Long-term Dependents Raised and Educated Natively Act

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Documented Dreamers face self-deportation after aging out of the system. America's CHILDREN Act aims to permanently end aging-out for Documented Dreamers by providing a clear pathway to citizenship.   
  • Provides a pathway to permanent residency for individuals who were brought to the United States as child dependents of long-term visa holders, have maintained status in the United States for 10 years, and have graduated from an institution of higher education.

  • Establishes age-out protections that lock in a child’s age on the date on which they file for a green card rather than the final action date.

  • Provides work authorization for children of long-term visa holders whose green card applications are pending, if they are at least 16 years old.

  • Allows children who have aged out to retain original priority date for subsequent petitions.


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